Monday, March 30, 2009

Another one of Steve's deceits comes to light

As almost everybody knows, unfortunatly, I have no way of defending myself as I do not have access to the Crosman Forum where Steve is now parked and unloading on me with his deceit and deceptions nor can I of course defend myself on the YP's and Steve knows it. This is my only place of defense. What bothers me is that the Crosman forum permits it and then I'm not be able to post there to defend myself but that's their decision.

As usual, Steve is talking in lies, half truths and presenting mis-representations.

Referring to the previous post comment:

What Steve is referring to in the previous post comment here on the blog and on the Crossman forum is the first original GTX and refers to it as the GTX, which was the first one that Tim made. Steve was made aware that Tim had created a dimensional drawing. However, Tim had to make the dimensional drawing based on the MK-I. It was the only thing there was to work with. I had then informed Steve that we had finally completed a dimensional drawing with all of the pertinent information needed to set up a CNC program and were going to make a small run based on his trigger and picture.

So yes, there was a dimensional drawing but it sure wasn't something that he had and doesn't have to this day. If he would have had a dimentional drawing he would have made his trigger a couple of years ago but he didn't. He wasn't capable of doing it and making it right. He proved that in the past.

Though the trigger was better in quality than Steve’s original trigger MK-I trigger that he had made off shore it was still far from being acceptable and had the same old design issues. Even though for all intent and purposes it was useless, we now had a basic dimensional drawing of sorts to work with, no thanks to Steve.

The point here is Steve never did send a dimensional drawing of the GTX trigger because at the time there wasn’t one. The only drawing there was at the time was of the MK-I and that wasn’t even a dimensional drawing, just a drawing and was as useless as his trigger itself.

In fact, now that I think back, Steve could not even provide a dimensional drawing because he was using the E-Machine on-line machine software and they have it protected so that you cannot download or retrieve your drawings from their server and it is their property. He couldn’t provide one if he wanted to.

The only dimensional drawing that Steve ever sent me and Tim was one made on another program that he finally got for the SuperSear and even that didn’t work correctly and had to be totally redone. It didn’t function properly either just as everything else that he “designed” at the time.

Tim, the manufacturer at the time, later tried to expose Steve and his deceit and fabrications that he was posting. Of course they were wiped out shortly after being posted on the YP’s. Like everything else, Steve couldn’t let the post stand or information get out and expose him. It read as below.

Wednesday Nov. 14, 2007

Regarding Tim's (the manufacturer) effort to correct Steve-in NC's fabrications and falsehoods

on the YP's in regards to the below post and how it was immediately deleted in an attempt preventing anybody from reading it and Steve's exposure. Here a copy of the e-mail that I sent to Walter that I received from Tim (my manufacturer) after his efforts to inform those on the YP's of the incorrectness of Steve-in-NC statements and claims.



I just got a call from Tim. Tim did respond to the thread that I was referring to in my e-mail.

At first Tim said he had difficulty posting it but was finally able to get it up a little after midnight. I guess he had to go through some process. However, once it was posted, it was deleted within a matter of a couple of hours and when he tried to repost it, it seems that he no longer could post. Anyhow, below is a copy of the e-mail that he sent me along with a copy of the post that was deleted.Steve had to get rid of the post fast and at that time of night I doubt many would have had the opportunity to read it in the short time that it was up.

Tim's e-mail to me


I tried to put the below post on the YP Gamo forum last night but was unable to post it at first. I was finally able to get it posted a little after midnight. I was finally able to post but it was deleted a short time later. I made a copy of the post at first because I had trouble posting and saved it just in case.

Post Preview
Regarding the GTX triggers
November 13 2007 at 10:54 PM

First I would like to let everyone know that I am the person that manufactured the triggers for Charlie and Steve when they were partners. Charlie approached me to make the triggers because he was having a lot of problems with both the poor design issues, safety, and they were being poorly manufactured overseas.

I was not provided with any detailed dimentional drawing and had nothing but a basic picture, the original version trigger to start with. We, Charlie and I, did everything starting from scratch. Charlie spent many nights and much testing while redesigning the trigger in order for it to work with efficiency as well as a functioning safety.

It was shortly after Charlie perfected it when their partnership broke up. It was then that I was approached by Steve and he wanted to have one design and wanted Charlie to have another another design. That's when I decided to not make any triggers or other parts for them at all. My intent was to stay impartial and neutral.

Steve, your misrepresenting the facts and is not true. And I am not manufacturing the GRT-III trigger as claimed in this or any other post for Steve or Skyler either one and do not intend to.

Leave me out of this mess.

I expect that this post will be deleted almost immediatly but we will see.


Shortly after this was posted, it disappeared just like everything else that would expose Steve.

As I have said time and time again, Steve did come up with the original concept… but that’s all, just a concept. But like every other concept of his, as designed, it just didn’t work. There are only two people that really know the truth and they are Tim, the original manufacturer that I worked with at the time, and myself.

Anything that was ever posted on the YP’s forum regarding the issue, any opposing opinion or statements, anything supportive of me or contrary to what Steve wanted people to hear, see or believe has always been immediately deleted and if the responder made issue about it, they were immediately banned.

Steve is very cunning and shrewd, a liar and good at manipulating both people, as well as the facts and truth to fit his agenda and he has no qualms about cutting someone’s throat or who he destroys or harms do it.
Most people who know much or have been associated with Steve are pretty much aware of it. Just ask yourself, why does he do that? It’s rather simple really. He never wants anybody to hear or know the facts or truth if they don’t fit his agenda or scheme.

It does seem that there are some out there that just don't care about what is truth and what are lies. But at the same time, if they don't or can't hear or not allowed to hear the truth, a defense or opposition, they assume that it must be true. That's where Steve has got them sewed up. Steve will make every attempt to keep them from ever knowing the other side or the truth.

Thanks again everybody.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Steve finally copied the trigger


Steve Woodward, also known as Steve-in-NC after 2 ½ years of effort has finally been able to (in part at least) been able to finally copy my original GTX-II and GTX-III trigger. It seems that he has also been able to find both someone to manufacture it in this country (rather that having his poorly and inefficiently unsafe designed original MK-1 and GTX trigger) instead of being manufactured off shore.

Why did it take him so long? Because he wasn’t capable of doing it on his own without copying it. If you look at his design, it is similar to my old version of the GRT-II and GRT-III. It was only marketed for a very short time and was obsolete a couple of years ago. It is a copy the GTX-II and GTX-III of which he had no part in the trigger redesigning.

However, it is not like the GRT-III trigger (it would be very difficult and expensive to do) and it certainly does not have the quality of the GRT-III.

Also, because of his inability and being unable to even develop his own instructions and other written materials, he has copied much of his ideas and promotional aides either in full or in part from my website. Steves idea of success is to take whatever he can from anybody that he can and use it to promote himself or agenda. He is incapable of doing much on his own because he just doesn’t have the ability and most people that know Steve are well aware of it.

If the GRT-III trigger design is a trigger design that Steve claims I had so-called stolen from him, why didn’t he just manufacture and market it years ago. Why did he take so long? I’ll tell you why. It took him that long to make a CNC dimentional drawing for it, then make a CNC program for it and then to find someone to manufacture it.

As I have always said in the past, Steve did come up with the original MK-I trigger but the concept and product just never worked. It was sorry at best. It wasn’t any different than many of the other original ideas that he has come up with. They either didn’t work or had many faults and others had to perfect them.

Also, because of his inability and being unable to develop his own instructions and other written materials, he has copied much of his promotional aides directly in full or in part directly from my website. His idea of success is to take whatever he can from anybody that he can and use it to promote himself. He is incapable of doing much on his own because he just doesn’t have the ability and most people that know Steve are well aware of it.

Almost everyone in the realm of airguns that follows the forums knows Steve has made attempts to manufacture his other “developed” mods, has had little to no success with either manufacturing or marketing his (products) because of either the poor designs, reliability, workmanship, quality or his poor relationships with the persons that he works with or a combination of.

If you knew Steve as I know Steve, you would readily understand why. It starts out good and he does have a smooth tongue but it doesn’t take long for them to see him for what and who he really is and has always failed.

As the manufacturer and marketing agent, my customer service history is impeccable. As everyone that has ever purchased a GRT-III trigger (as well as the original GTX-III trigger) knows, I am personally available to answer any and all questions regarding the GRT-III trigger. Although it rarely happens, if there is an installation problem, I’m always available and respond usually within minutes of being made aware of it either by phone if a number is provided or an immediate e-mail. My customers contact me directly and don’t go through some commercial third party. They go directly to the source. Do you think for one minute Steve will provide that kind of personal service?

Please take the time to review the rest of the blog.

Thanks all.

Bob aka: CDT