Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another lie from Steve-in-NC

This was brought to my attention just recently. It's on the Network 54 Yellow Pages Forum.

Steve in NC July 11 2006, 9:17 AM (Login pneuguy)

The ONLY aftermarket hammer debounce device that WORKS is my design. And it was stolen...

...a couple of weeks after its introduction by my so-called "partner," Bob Werner. Thanks to Bob's greed, it's now off the market. So now there's none.Which is a pity. Because there was quite a lot of work wrapped up in its development and, as Larry's effort here proves, making a debouncer that actually works, ain't so easy.


What a liar and hypocrite Steve is.

I never stole anything from him let alone the HDD's. I split the remaining HDD inventory with Steve when we parted company and wholesaled mine out immediately. The Right handed ones sold out in two weeks and I still have a couple of the old left handed ones left that never did sell. Yes, it's off the market now as far as I'm concerned because I don't make them anymore. I have never made a single HDD, not one, since we parted company and never will.

Also, if you look back, he and Skyler have been selling these all along so it seems or at least they are on Skylers website. Steve is so full of bull, lies and deception.

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