Thursday, April 2, 2009

Talk About Poor Service

I had made a point in a post below about customer service and this is a copy of that text.
As the manufacturer and marketing agent, my customer service history is impeccable. As everyone that has ever purchased a GRT-III trigger (as well as the original GTX-III trigger) knows, I am personally available to answer any and all questions regarding the GRT-III trigger. Although it rarely happens, if there is an installation problem, I’m always available and respond usually within minutes of being made aware of it either by phone if a number is provided or an immediate e-mail. My customers contact me directly and don’t go through some commercial third party. They can go directly to the source.

Do you think for one minute Steve will provide that kind of personal service? Just read on.

One of our members sent me an e-mail pointing something out after visiting the AOA site where a certain trigger is being sold. This disclaimer is in smaller print print at the bottom of the page.

**Note: For instructions and support we provide the guides linked on this page. This is the full extent of the support we can supply on these custom parts. Please do not call with installation questions or instruction as we cannot give any verbal support. These custom parts carry no warranty, and use may void factory warranty on the product to which they are installed. Airguns of Arizona assumes no liability on the safety or function of the products listed on this page. All sales on these parts are final.

This information certainly is not being revealed, pointed out or provided openly by the "provider" to the members on the YP's or the Crosman forum or anybody else. Unless the buyer reads the small print (and most don't) and he's not aware of it, he's stuck with his purchase.

It's one of those cases of "Buyer beware". You buy it and if you have problems, have it for lunch.

Then, a member of the GTA forum posted on the YP's. This is the text in part (with his question) to save room.

"Now I'm very excited about your GTX trigger, and am dieing to give it a try ! But I'm a little set back, afraid, that if i can't get it working as advertised, I'll have no one to go to for help ! The add over at AOA says, no additional help, no refunds ??? Now not being a great air gunsmith and designer like you, I may run into some problems ! Can I count on you for help should I need it ?

Respectfully, Bill"

The response.....none ... and within twelve minutes it was deleted.

This is the type of service that can be expected it seems. And AOA was wise indeed for adding that disclaimer to the bottom of the page. It will probably create a huge problem for Steve as he will need to resolve his inevitable customer issues on his own and that is going to be interesting.


davee1 said...

I'm glad that you have this blog to vent your frustrations and set the record straight. I have bought quite a few GRT-III triggers from you and they are fantastic...turning a poor quality trigger into a fantastic trigger. I still cant believe how awesome that gold baby is everytime I pick up my Gamo airgunz.
I too noticed the fact that AoA has a disclaimer basically saying don't call us if you have a problem with the trigger. Sumthin just aint right there.
I have always been of the mindset that if you sell something to someone you should stand behind it, and be ready to help if needed...or do whatever it takes (within reason) to satisfy the customer who bought your product.
You, Bob, have stood solidly behind your trigger. I have directly asked you questions, and you have answered them in very quick fashion...either by email or on the GTA site.
Please continue exposing the truth.

ogilkes said...

Have to say I find this trigger disagreement completely bemusing. I purchased a GRT III some time back and its amazing the difference it makes. Had a good service from Bob too, and an exceptional website. Not tried the opposition but would give it a go and see if there is a difference. Did no one patent the design? Surely thats what a patent is for. Its all becoming a little embarrassing.