Saturday, September 8, 2007

Disolving marketing interests with Steve Woodward (Steve-in-NC)

Posted 6/26/2006 12:14 PM (#941) Subject: Regarding the future of the MK-II-GTX as well as

the other products that were available in the past including the HDD, SuperSears, 13/22xx sears, 7-8-953 sears, DP-392 couplers and the BMD's. I am making this announcement publicly so there is no misunderstanding in the future and that I have made an attempt to come up with a solution.

I feel that the airgunning community should have access to all of the items that were available in the past if a solution is possible and reasonable and fair. There is a possible solution in the air proposed by a third party which, if comes to fruition, will benefit everybody in the AG community.

It is possible that Steve-in-NC could take over all of the HDD, SuperSears, 13/22xx sears, 7-8-953 sears, DP-392 couplers and the BMD's market. I would retain the GTX sales only. There is actually very little inventory other than the HDD's and inventory has always been held to a minimum. Steve is well aware of this. That was the initial proposal. In addition, I am offer the following. I would liquidate (sell off) any of my share of the remaining inventory of the other products after the division of the remaining inventory after 7-1-06.

Once I have sold off my share of the inventory, I would agree to no longer sell any of the products with the exception of the GTX trigger. If Steve would like, he can buy out my half of the inventory at 1/2 the market value.

I am absolutely not interested in and will not even consider marketing any of the other products. That is not a subject of consideration. I would reinstall all of the information on the CharlieDaTuna website including informational, instructions and testimonials to assist Steve in the marketing of his side of the products. This would include all articles that were in place prior to 6/18/06.This would be for an undetermined period of time. None of Steve’s parts will be listed on the order page. The only items that will be on the order page will be any items that pertain to my marketing interests. There will be no ordering of Steve’s products directly from the website. I will however, on his different product pages, put a link to an address that Steve selects for ordering that the potential customer can click on to access ordering.

Although I would endorse and assist in promoting his products, I would take no responsibility for products he would market including any product issues, replacement, or delivery of the products that is posted on my website. All inquires regarding his products should be directed to Steve and all inquiries received through the website will be forwarded directly to him.

I have not discussed any of this with Steve as of yet but I would agree to it. It is an agreement that as I said would benefit the airgun community as a whole. According to this third party, Steve has contacted him and has tentatively agreed to the initial part and I feel I have made it more beneficial to him. So far I have not heard from Steve and there is no doubt in my mind that Steve will be aware of this post in a matter of hours, if not minutes. I feel that I am being more than fair in my proposal. From here on it’s up to Steve to contact me if he wishes to agree. If Steve elects not to agree then I would guess everything will come to a halt on 7/1/06.

-----Bob aka: CharlieDaTuna

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