Sunday, September 9, 2007

Steve's MK-1 and II GTX trigger

Above is Steve Woodwards MK-I GTX

As everybody knows, Steve Woodward did design the original MK-I GTX, MK-II- GTX and they were made off shore in India I believe. What most people don’t know is that even the original GTX was such a mess that for all intent and purposes, it was a failure that wouldn’t install properly and were in a way even dangerous because the safety would not work. It had no adjustable first stage. I had to grind away material and hand rework every single one of them that he sent to me in order to fit and to be able to market them even with a safety that wouldn’t work in most guns, the safety being able to be pulled through and wouldn’t hold. I had to either replace or refund a lot of the original GTX’s.

The second ones that he had designed and made, the MK-II-GTX wasn’t much better. The nose was extended slightly to accomodate an adjustment screw, still had a safety issue and they too had to be reworked. The pivot holes had to be resized and finished to even get the pins in. They didn’t have a hole drilled for a first stage. I had to make a jig, then hand drill and tap each and every one of them. And there was still a safety problem issue in some guns. This is what Steve designed, ordered and had shipped to me to market. It was up to me to refit, resolve and fix all of his mistakes, clean up his junk parts that he sent to me, and then put them on the market.

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