Saturday, September 8, 2007

Steve's version of the GTX trigger

The latest GTX made by Steve Woodward aka: Steve-in-NC

Steve-in NC will be selling through Skyler his latest GTX for $30.00 he says. He should be selling them for $8.00 allowing $2.00 for S&H. Steve-in-NC does not mention it now but in an earlier statement and according to his own words, he is making a profit of about 700-800%. On the other hand, maybe it is costing $6.00 to make and he is charging his customers $24.00 for shipping and handling. He sure is a con isn’t he? He says whatever will fit his agenda at the moment but in the end he will get you one way or another.

This was the post where a response was put up by Steve-in-NC and his statement regarding his cost.

Posted 6/26/2006 3:40 PM (#958 - in reply to #941) Subject: Why, Bob, that is a very interesting proposition. I'm inclined to accept!

As you know, when we first introduced my (MK-I) GTX, the costs of production (in both money and effort) were high. But over the two intervening two years, costs have dropped precipitously, but our price didn't. Currently, each piece costs only $3 or $4, all tooling has been paid for, and they come finished and ready to drop into the poly bag and mail. That makes the current net markup on the most recent $35 price about 800%!

Therefore, since you gave as the reason for your retirement last week not having enough fun, and since you say that you have the benefit of the airgun community at heart, I'm sure you can have no objection to dropping your markup on the GTX to a more reasonable retail number: say 50%?

So, as soon as you've made a public announcement of intending to reintroduce and sell the GTX for the new (and still generously remunerative) price of 1.5 x $4 = $6, please get back to me. I think we can do business!

His statement above just goes to show you that this guy has some very serious problems. But..... based on what he says and what his costs are, he should by his own account, be selling his "GTX" for between $6 and $8.

Based on what his latest GTX looks like in the posted picture, they have been changed some from his older version and has incorporated some of my later improvements but just looking at them a person can see that they are far from being the quality of the GRT. I would also assume from what they look like that they are again being made off shore again and the quality and workmanship will be of the same inferior production as he had manufactured in the past.

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